Bob Swanson

Bob Swanson has over 35 years experience in business and production. He’s spent many years developing broadcast commercials, long form programming, corporate image media, and training media. His personal experience includes writing, producing, and directing in both audio and video productions. He has performed these duties working with many broadcast networks, such as NBC, ABC, CBS, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Outdoor Life Network, and New Line Cinema. He also has vast experience with many business, corporate, and government clients, such as Comfort Dental, Every Mother Inc, Qwest, Safeway, AT&T, AAA, HHS and USDA.

Bob has amassed a large amount of real-world experience that can propel your company’s media needs well into the future!

Chris Wright

With 30 years of experience behind the lens, Chris has the experience and professionalism to take on any project large or small.  Educated at the acclaimed Brooks Institute, Chris received his degrees studying all facets of media.

I had the honor of joining forces with Vision Way Media in 2007 with a new focus  on Media with a holistic approach, looking at all avenues of communications free from the past stringent ideas of application and delivery. I have immersed myself in many of the newest technologies while maintaining a foundation steeped in the time-honored traditions of storytelling.

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